Atipo (Spanish Design Agency) have recently created a new sans-serif typeface based upon the lettering styles seen upon the Cassandre posters. The new typeface is titled Cassannet and contains a multitude of stylistic alternates and ligatures.

In order to promote the new typeface and to pay tribute to the work of Cassandre, they have recreated a well-known series from his work titled Dubo – Dubon – Dubonnet, 1932.

However, Atipo have taken it one step further and recreated the images in flesh and blood.

Triptico Cassannet;

I can honestly say I absolutely love this poster series. It is an extremely clever way to both promote the new typeface and also to pay homage to Cassandre’s work.

It is always interesting to see the how a piece of work came together, for me it adds that little bit more to the images once you know the effort and thought that has gone into them.

If your interested in obtaining the typeface, then head over to the Cassannet website.

I would also suggest whilst on your internet travels, to have a look at the rest of Apito’s work. There have done some really interesting and inspirational work such as Fontface and Animodul that is definitely worth a look.

(source: Cassannet, Apito)