I recently discovered the world of StumbleUpon, and as I was looking through the site I came across a post entitled Tales and Minimalism that reminded me of the Edits by Edit post I put up a few weeks ago.

The general idea behind the work on both this post and the above mentioned is that of simplicity, and the intention to get the message across with limited materials/visual language.

The Tales and Minimalism posters are based around the tall tales we hear as children, and each illustration fits the title in such a way that it isn’t needed (providing you know your tall tales that is.)

** Thanks to the comment below, I know now that this work was created by Christian Jackson (of Square Inch Design Blog). To see the poster collection in full, click here.

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I have always appreciated this simplistic/minimalistic route, as it takes a lot more thought than people may think in order to get the right elements to work together. Not only just in the image creation but also in colour choice aswell, as the wrong colour pallete could completely change the feel of the work.